Zero-Emissions Steel

The world should have steel made with zero-CO2 emissions.

Steel Today: Global Necessity, Global Problem

Steel is a necessity in today’s world. The global demand for steel has steadily increased, growing 122% from 2000 to 2023, and is expected to continue. The steel industry is responsible for approximately 8% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This is a problem for the Earth’s atmosphere; this is a problem for everyone. Coal-driven blast furnaces are the main cause of these sky-high emissions. 



Something must change.

Our Role

Two Planet Steel is working to make needed changes happen. Our objective is to make it possible for environmentally-minded individuals to push our world towards steel produced with zero-CO2 emissions. Today, because of a lack of access to information, individuals are not given the opportunity to choose steel products made with zero CO2 emissions


Two Planet Steel wants to provide choices for change. We’re seeking to offer steel consumers the option to buy products made with zero-emissions steel and prefer them over products made with climate-threatening steel. Two Planet Steel has two roles in creating this steel choice: 

  1. We will make and sell superbly designed products using zero-emissions steel. 
  2. We will advocate for the creation of a certification process that provides individual consumers choices for change. 

Two Planet Steel Today

We are a startup. We have some tech and a vision to bring zero-emissions steel to the world’s environmentally-minded consumers. 



We are seeking partners and investors to scale up the production of zero-emissions steel.  We are looking for others who agree that it is time for consumers to have an actionable climate choice when purchasing steel products.  By making clear the invisible costs of blast furnaces: pollution, the future of the planet, health, etc., and joining with the individual consumers who also recognize this high toll, we aim to use the added value of zero emissions to change the way the world thinks about steel. The world will want it.