About Us

Our Mission

Two Planet Steel is on a mission to create opportunities for further exploration and human presence on Mars. Through our technology, and collaboration with others who share our vision for the future, we’re working to open a new realm of possibilities. 

Our Values

Both here on Earth and on Mars, Two Planet Steel is committed to enabling a bright future. We value innovation, we value environmental sustainability. We aspire to inspire optimism with our innovations. As enablers, we innovate in powder steel-making, critical metals recycling, and Mars exploration. Our steel-making is CO2 emissions free. To create value for the environment, we strive to lower the cost of our steel powders and out-compete traditional CO2-emitting steel-making. We make parts for a better tomorrow. 

August 2019

Two Planet Steel Founded



July 2023

Received an SBIR Phase 1 grant from the National Science Foundation 

August 2023

Leased a new laboratory/ manufacturing space


Spring 2024

Anticipated start date of technology testing