Rolf (aka Rif) Miles Olsen


Dr. Olsen founded Two Planet Steel & Two Planet Life. He is the inventor of a method to speed up iron and nickel carbonylation by a factor of more than ten. He won a seminal NASA contract for iron- and steel-making on Mars. He was previously the Principal Investigator for renewable energy storage projects for the California Energy Commission, and before that a scientist of homology statistics, the evolution and phylogeny of protein sequences and the evolution of whole proteomes and genomes at UC San Diego. His basic scientific education was in physics at UC Berkeley and Bedford Modern School (England). He studied architecture at Clare College, Cambridge University for eighteen months.


Madeline McLaughlin


Madeline McLaughlin recently joined Two Planet Steel as an advocate. She previously worked as a Legislative Intern focusing on Foreign Affairs for Congressman Darrell Issa, a National Security Intern for the American Security Project, and as a Policy Analyst for the American College of National Security Leaders.


Dmitri Terekhov, Ph.D.


Dmitri Terekhov has over 25 years experience in metallurgical technologies. This includes 15 years as Senior Vice-President of R&D at a Canadian metallurgy company. He has worked on projects for the U.S. Depts. of Defense, Energy and Treasury, including processing toxic nuclear material at Oak Ridge. He has designed and commissioned several carbonyl chemistry plants. He holds six issued patents on carbonyl chemistry and the purification of cobalt and platinum group metals from the residues of carbonylation. He authored a 2013 paper on the direct extraction of iron and nickel from limonitic-laterite and saprolitic-laterite.