Newsletter, May 9, 2016

(Archival version of original email version)

Hello and good day everyone,

Welcome to the first Two Planet Post, the new newsletter from Two Planet Steel. Here are the first postings:

Red Dragon to Mars in 2018, Good News for Two Planet Steel:

Elon Musk recently tweeted his intention to land a SpaceX Red Dragon vehicle on the Red Planet. Musk's early 2018 launch date for this test run is good news for everybody interested in Mars settlement, including Two Planet Steel's founder who comments on the big news.

New Friends:

Two Planet Steel started a new Facebook page to start connecting with new friends interested in settling Mars and keeping Earth livable with exciting new technology. The page is at , Two Planet Post readers are welcome.

Buzz Aldrin's Moon Scoops:

Moon landing hero, Buzz Aldrin, showed us his well-timed, tangy comedy on CBS's "Late Show with Stephen Colbert," May 4th. Buzz Aldrin is a big advocate for settling Mars. He wore his "Get Your Ass To Mars" shirt on Colbert's show. The two were a lot of fun together and are worth a gander.

The Two Planet Post will be published every other week to point you to notable Mars and Earth happenings. The Two Planet Post will give you news strictly about Two Planet Steel, also news from around the solar system that is either especially important to Two Planet Steel or important or entertaining and about Mars or the Earth's environment and energy. The Two Planet Post will sometimes branch out to bring your attention to beyond-Mars planetary exploration news as well as science and technology news, comments, andecdotes, cartoons, videos and jokes that you might enjoy.


Rolf, aka Rif Miles Olsen,

[Note: Most of you first edition readers know me as Rolf. Rif is a nickname that my father and my sister Cams have called me since childhood, while Miles is my middle name. I will be using Rif Miles Olsen as the name I go by when representing Two Planet Steel.]

Mars buzz is growing.

More is coming in the next edition of Two Planet Post.

Image credits: (with cropping) Dragon vehicle on stage, from SpaceX Media Galley (SpaceX waives its copyright rights to images posted in its Media Galley); (with cropping and overlays) "Earth rise over the Moon," from Apollo 8 mission, from NASA (since NASA is a US federal government agency, NASA images, without recognizable humans within frame, do not have any copyright rights at all). Also, the Two Planet Post logo in the banner head uses two well known images of Earth and Mars from NASA's media archives.